I Choose Gratitude….

So you’re feeling a little down…perhaps a lot down, and you need a boost. You’re feeling close to the edge. Like the next thing could just nudge you to your limit and unleash the dragon (Oh yes, I went there). You need a pick-me-up; that little something that will pull you out of your downward spiral and set you on your way back to positive thinking and happy expectations. Why does this matter? Because your thoughts and emotions have the power to affect your attitude and attitude affects your life. Gratitude is the thing. Embracing an attitude of gratitude has the capability to stop negative thoughts dead in their tracks and put things into the right perspective. And if you lived in my head, you’d know I need all the help I can get! It’s a mess in there!
Every so often, we allow the world and its demands to get under our skin and into our hearts. We momentarily lose focus of the bigger picture, and inevitably that allows the molehills in our lives to begin to look like mountains. The stress seeps in and we begin to feel like victims of circumstance, when in fact we are to rule over them. Should one choose to stay trapped in this negative thought pattern, it may cause them to feel helpless and hopeless. All of a sudden you feel your life has no direction, or that you’re a failure and everything you touch turns to rot. We’ve all been there, and yet here we stand. We made it through somehow. We have been felt right at the end of our tether. Your patience worn thin and you’re constantly close to tears. Can you tell that this was me all last week?
So how do we get ourselves out of that funk? What can we do to help ourselves? Something that works wonderfully for me is deliberately bringing to mind the good I have been freely given each day and deeply giving thanks for every single one. Try it and gauge it for yourself. This has become a form of therapy that has changed my thinking and my perspective. My worries and anger almost immediately seem considerably insignificant next to the many moments when God showed up and totally showed out. Remember the times when God went above and beyond to bless you and protect you. You simply cannot continue to stay in a place of sorrow and anger when you focus on the good that you have been gifted. You see, you have an amazing life. Just think about one of your blessings, and then give thanks for it. We are all blessed abundantly, deeply and unreservedly. Fight the urge to let the dark side grab a hold of you. (Slight reference to Star Wars). You didn’t get the raise, but you weren’t laid off. Be grateful. Your house needs some work, but you have a roof over your head. Be grateful. Your car is old and beat up, but you’re not walking in the rain. Be grateful. Someone you once thought to be loyal has betrayed you. Yes it hurts, but be grateful you’re wiser for it. Your relationship with your mother is fractured, but your mother is still living. Be grateful. Then call her and work it out! You have life today. Read that again; YOU HAVE LIFE! What a precious and wonderful thing. Be grateful! More than anything, be grateful for the life and breath that you still have today. Where there is a down there is an up. For every low, there is a high. Acknowledge and appreciate the abundance you enjoy completely. No matter how large or small.
Gratitude opens your heart to receiving more good. Gratitude reminds us of the endless possibilities and the immeasurable good that is ours to enjoy, should we choose to receive it. To be thankful is to acknowledge that there is more to life, than this fleeting moment of discontent. To be thankful is to open your heart to expecting and experiencing good again, on the other side of these challenges. Gratitude is that little “something” that you must choose daily. It is a deliberate change in mind-set that optimistically impacts our lives and outlook in a potent way. So as you face the grind of everyday life, as you pursue your dreams and navigate successfully through the rat race, hold onto the knowledge that you are blessed beyond measure, and that life offers you more good than it does challenges. You are created to overcome the curve balls that life throws at you. Know that as you face each day, life will provide you with plenty more reasons to be downcast, but even more reasons to be upbeat and motivated. Mankind was created for a higher purpose than merely getting by. You are here to thrive, not to scrape the bottom of the barrel. Smile and be happy. No matter what you might be facing this day, remain grateful and confident in the fact that you are a champion.

You Are Born Extraordinary!


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