The Joyful Hurt


Ceaseless thanks I bestow on you, for the heartbreak you gave me

The crippling pain and vicious tears, my unrequested companions

I give thanks to you for the cavernous anguish, for shaking my faith.

You destroyed me. Thank you!

Your abuse, and betrayal, your total disregard,

These became the inauguration of my being, my testimony was empty

Save for the essence that surviving you gave me.

Had I not mistook you for love, this woman may still lay buried within.

My error, your presence taught me potency,

Each tear dried signalled the arrival of buoyancy

The agony unbearable, reignited my resolve that happiness be my bedfellow

Faith once devastated, stands rebuilt, cultured in fire.

No greater lesson has come, than the true spirit of love

My adolescent mind, unapologetically naive, thought you to be mine.

My bruises, my scars are entirely stunning, the proof that the greatest gift,

My precious treasure, indeed you gave, is that I found love after you.

I love for myself, this magnificent masterpiece. This woman. Me



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