On the subject of Impossibility…..

Numerous boundaries are laid before us from infancy as we traverse this road called Life. Often, the restrictions we accept as inevitable, were decided by people who had yet to see our potential. To stretch our mind, and believe in possibilities awakens a baffling fear of disloyalty to the system that raised our bodies but stunted our minds. We must release ourselves to believe that truly all things are possible to them that believe. 
In reality, impossibility is a construct of the mind that trembles at the prospect of venturing into the unknown. The unknown hope that brings inevitable change to the status quo. Impossibility exists, if the mind allows it. Impossibility fades if the mind so chooses. Therein lies the beauty of the freedom of choice. The good book says that according to your faith it shall be done.  So, according to your faith let it be done. 

Dare to dream. Dare to believe. Dare to dare. Come what may from giving life to your hope, at least you would have dared to your hope! 

You were born Extraordinary!


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