Where is your treasure? 

I met someone today. Someone I had heard alot about over the years. Someone I had once believed I would be denied the privilege of meeting. Someone I respected. Someone I held in high esteem. By all outward perception, this individual embodied what would be ultimate success by worldly standards. Career, wealth, world travel,and high fashion. Observing this well liked and adored indidvual through the lens of social media and human perception, it would be automatic to assume that fulfilment was his total enjoyment. 
My immediate reaction, to which I will admit to being ashamed, was to assume that he was satisfied. The thought did not occur to me that perhaps, his allotment in life was not his life desire. 
As the opportunity to converse arose, we exchanged pleasantries and this led to a slightly deep discussion centred around his success. I myself searching for what I deemed the secret to replicating his success. To my surprise, happily so, his words were not filled with do’s and don’ts on the climb to the top. He chose not to share his formulas or shortcuts. Rather, he shared that he still sought a treasure. One not as fleeting as the material possessions that constitute success. He expressed that despite what life looks like on the outside, his heart belonged to people. To building relationships. To being a family man. A reliable friend. A present member of his community. 
Wealth and success are allowable to all that seek after them. But true value lies not in the digits on your net worth. But in the moments and memories exchanged with our neighbours. Our fellow men. We possess no greater wealth than the gift of time. To offer this freely in order to build relationships….this is true success. For time you see, is our most precious possession. The word possession used loosely, as we do not truly have ownership over it. May your use of your time fill your heart with as much gold as your pocket. 


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