What Do You See?

When you look within, what is it you see? Do you dare to see the greatness within you? Or do you find you are well versed in identifying the faults in your stars, rather than appreciating the light that flows from them? Has your self perception been unnaturally skewed towards the negative? Mine has. And I strive daily to correct this. I get a little better everyday. 

We are unfortunately inclined to see the undesirable attributes in ourselves. Taught to see faults by our environment. Our thoughts imprinted by society’s standards of desirability and acceptability. It is an astounding behaviour to see the wrong so clearly and yet struggle to see the right. Bless you of this has not been your portion. But if you, like me, have known more about your bad than your good you may need a little reminder. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. There is some bad in the best of us and some good in the worst of us. Don’t believe the lies that your shortcomings outweigh your worthiness. Don’t allow yourself to be taught to dislike yourself. Especially if that acceptance is premised on conformity to a system that does not see your value. 

Do you see yourself as the wondrous creation that you are? Or do you see yourself as your errors? Do you dwell on the what should be better more than what ought to be celebrated? Will you actively decide to not let your life be directed by negatives. Your past, your faults, your mistakes and your regrets have no right to rule over you. Unless you let them! 

Dare to allow yourself to see the greatness within. Dare to go against your conditioning and tell yourself that regardless of what has been said about you, no matter what missteps have left footprints in yourself past, you are good enough! Yes you are. You may not be according to what society says, but you are invariably miraculous. Your every day and breath unquestionable evidence of your worth. You are here with purpose and promise. Pull yourself together. Declare to yourself that are all that and a bag of chips. Because you are! 

You Were Born Extraordinary!


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