Cutting Ties

The start of a thing can be intoxicating in potential. A start is an opportunity. A new birth; a rebirth perhaps. The end of it, not always as enthralling. To know when it’s time to let go is just as important as recognising new beginnings. Beginnings are beautiful. They’re plump with the potential of all that could be if everything goes the way we envision it. Beginnings don’t know what impossible means. Beginnings know about passion and excitement.

Letting go though….that’s a hard one. Letting go brings with it the memories of what was. The reality that things will not be what we thought they would be. That hope must be set aside so that life can take its course. Endings are scary places. And ending can be painfully dragged out if we do not recognise the need to close the door in the thing and let dead things be buried. The end to some signals failure. Loss. Stagnation and confusion. The end is a place of death. 

Some endings linger on the ends of my free flowing thoughts. How I wish I had known then what I know now. That I might close the door sooner than I had. That I might avoid the thoughts that plague my peaceful daydreams. That I might start over sooner. And experience healing for longer. How I wish I had given wisdom my ear, that I might be directed towards my greater self and release the ties to my former self. The dead things I dragged along, needlessly so. How I bask in the freedom of letting them go. The end of a thing is also the beginning of another. Here’s to a new journey; the discovery of a new me. 

Come what may, I know I was Born Extraordinary! 


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