Almost Human…

IMG_20180116_134441.pngI’m inclined to root for the underdog. I like to believe (and please, let me live my innocent little world) that I can understand what’s it like to be overlooked and to have to live in the absence of acceptance. I’ve probably sat alone in a corner more than is recommended for a normal adult female. (Anyone want to study me? LOL). I might have had an imaginary friend or two in my younger years to help me get through the quiet days. But as I look back I realise that it’s given me perspective. I see the other side of the flipped coin. I understand what I would not, had I not seen the dark side.


At the core of us all is the little child filled with hope. And some of us were children that shared their toys. I….was not one of those. Some of us were good. I was not good. Apparently. But whatever your background, winnings and regrets, I still believe there is good in each one of us. And whether we have been surrounded by support all our lives, or have had to give it to ourselves, we all must at the very least believe we are worthy.  Worthy of our happiness. Worthy of our dreams. Worthy of respect, restoration and love.


I shout the loudest for the ones that don’t have their names on a banner, raised in the hands of loved ones. I will rise and jump in support of the ones that sit so far back they seemingly make up the shadows. Dear black sheep, we are so FREAKING AWESOME! We were all born extraordinary. So decide that you are distinctly deserving of the good that you desire and pursue. Give yourself permission to in love with you. Let life smile on you.



Any one ready to start a support group??


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