Happy Women’s Day

Today we honor and appreciate the woman.

The mother that birthed and nurtured us. Spoke love over us, and believed in us before we knew our own potential.

The aunties that have been our second mothers and best friends. That have kept us grounded when we lost our way.

The sisters that kept our secrets, cried our tears and stood behind us through thick and thin.

We honor our grandmothers, whose gentle wisdom is worth more than jewels.

We honor our friends with whom we have explored life, and come out with priceless memories and smiles.

We honor our daughters, that are teaching us to see life with fresh eyes and renewed hope for our latter days.

We give thanks for the woman. For she is a treasure. Whatever position she occupies in your life, may her presence be the blessing that makes your life that much more beautiful.

You are all Extraordinary!


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