This is a personal, motivational, humorous and bold page. I share my life and my thoughts in honesty and love in the hope that while you marvel at my mess, you can better navigate your own life. And that hopefully, in any way, I might offer some form of help or healing. Most of all, it is my desire that this page reminds you that you are extraordinary.


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I thought it would all be different by now. As a young child, I looked to the adult years of my life with anticipation. Getting one’s life together appeared deceptively easy. Everywhere I looked, people were content and smiling. Happiness and satisfaction seemingly found its way into everyone’s life and shielded them all from trouble. … Continue reading Retrospective

Here’s to you

Raise your glass to the ones that dared to start.  Cheers to the bruised knees, evidence of standing after a fall. A toast to the strength that drives you to try “just once more.” Applause for your victories; both great and small.   Here’s to the legacy; the greatness you are building.   A word of thanks … Continue reading Here’s to you

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